Unraveling the Tragedy in Ilhéus: A Woman’s Arrest for Poisoning Husband and Two Children

Ilhéus Woman Poisoning Husband Children

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in the serene city of Ilhéus, located in the southern part of Bahia, a 26-year-old woman stands accused of a heinous crime – poisoning her husband and two young children. This chilling event transpired on the night of Saturday, the 17th of June 2023, sending shockwaves through the community.

The suspect, apprehended promptly on the following day, confessed to the crime that claimed the lives of her 23-year-old husband, Marcos Paulo Mendes Santos, and their two innocent children, Benjamyn Kleyton Mendes Barreto Santos (four years old) and Rosymary Mendes Barreto Santos (one year and seven months old).

Unveiling the Grim Details

The police report elucidates that the accused strategically laced her husband’s meal with chumbinho, a lethal substance, intending to end his life. However, the sinister plot took an even darker turn as their young children unwittingly ingested the poisoned food, sealing their tragic fate.

Swift Justice Prevails

Swift and decisive action by the Ilhéus Police led to the arrest of the suspect, who attempted to elude authorities by seeking refuge in the Uruçuca region. Despite her attempt to escape justice, law enforcement successfully located and apprehended her, bringing her to the Ilhéus Police Station for interrogation.

The Aftermath and Grieving Community

The aftermath of this horrifying incident leaves the community grappling with shock and grief. The victims—Marcos Paulo Mendes Santos, Benjamyn Kleyton Mendes Barreto Santos, and Rosymary Mendes Barreto Santos—met an untimely demise, leaving behind a community shattered by the incomprehensible loss of three lives.

Reflecting on Prevention and Awareness

As society grapples with the aftermath, it becomes imperative to reflect on preventative measures and raise awareness about the underlying issues that may contribute to such tragic events. Domestic violence, mental health, and community support are facets that warrant attention to create a more secure environment for families.


The tragic events that unfolded in Ilhéus serve as a somber reminder of the fragility of human life and the devastating impact of heinous crimes within our communities. As the legal process unfolds, the community must come together to support one another and work towards creating an environment where such tragedies are minimized.

The gravity of this incident underscores the importance of fostering a society where awareness, prevention, and support are at the forefront of our collective efforts.

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